Character Creation

Character Creation: players will make 3.5 dnd characters with a 32 point buy build. They will be 5th level and have the standard gold of that level. Each player begins play with one hero point and may gain more points for extraordinary actions. HP = maximum at first level, half of HD +1 subsequent levels

Alignment is not restricted but characters may not be agents of the Burning Legion nor the Scourge.

Races: All races in the WoW RPG plus Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves, Whildhammer Dwarves, and Blood Elves. The non aligned races may be available with DM permission.

The Arcane Corruption rules from Magic and Mayhem will be used. Warlocks casting spells near their companion need only make one save a day per companion they summon.

Tuaren type is now Monstrous Humanoid.

The orcish language uses Pictoforms as its alphabet, not Common.

The Zandali language is missing from the list. It is the language of the trolls and uses the Darnassian script.

Trolls receive Zandali as an automatic language. Orcs, Forsaken, High Elves, Blood Elves, and Tauren can take it as a bonus language.

Player Resources: WoW rpg, More Magic & Mayhem, Even More Magic & Mayhem, Lands of Mystery, Monster Guide, Dark Faction, Alliance Player’s Guide, Horde Player’s Guide.

Other Warcraft books may be used with DM oversight.

Class Changes
If a class has the Listen, Spot, or Search skills replace them all with the Perception skill.

The Revised Core classes in Even More Magic & Mayhem replace those from the WoW RPG.

Racial levels no longer exists. They are instead replaced with racial Feats.

The Alchemist class from the Pathfinder RPG is also available, the class can be found on the Pathfinder website.

Forsaken use a d12 hit die regardless of class choice.

Warlocks use the Monster Guide rules to gain their Fel Companion.

A superior mount gains bonus skill points and feats when it gains additional hit dice.
The text is incorrect. WoWrpg p110

Spell Changes
Arcane casters use the Mana Point variant rules found in Even More Magic & Mayhem p75. They do not roll for mana points each level but instead gain the maximum.

Life Tap cost no spell points to cast.

Conjure Mana Water has a duration of 1 hour/level.

The tables for Summon Monster, Summon Nature’s Ally, and Summon Undead are out of date. For more current tables check The Monster Guide

Character Creation

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